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    Stunning Artist – Sergey Nivens

    Sergey Nivens – Stunning Images from a truly talented artist. ...

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    75 % off at

    75% OFF ANY CREDIT PACKAGE ON KOZZI.COM  Kozzi has gone crazy again with its March Madness Promotion! 10 Credits 75% Off $2.50 20 Credits 75% Off $4.75 50 Credits 75% Off $11.50 100 Credits 75% Off $22.50 250 Credits 75% Off $54.75 500 Credits 75% Off $106.25 1000 Credits 75% Off $200.00 Simply choose your credit package and go to the checkout ...

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    Getty Images Free? What is the catch?

    Getty’s library of 35 million photos are now free for online use without fear of copyright infringement.  Getty Images has now made it possible for anyone to easily embed and share its imagery for non-commercial use on websites, blogs and even social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) through a new embed tool.  They believe that trying to combat unauthorized image use by the ...

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    Digital Tampering

    Dr. Hany Farid of Dartmouth College New Hampshire teaches computer science.  One of his essays entitled “Photo Tampering Throughout History” he reveals how photography lost its innocence a long time ago.  He has catalogued many photo montages and other fakes, from ego-flattering photos of tyrants to photos that attempt to keep up with society’s image of beauty.  The retrospective spans from 1860 ...

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    Top Left Pixel

    There are countless photography  blogs and its often difficult to weed through the good and the bad.  Sam Javanrouh is on the the bloggers I visit and enjoy.  His site, Daily Dose of Imagery, presents his daily visual adventures in his own words.  His images are mainly from Toronto, Canada – his home base – but you will have fun discovering Toronto ...

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    Beware of Malware on

    WARNING!  Downloading software from CNET’s could lead to unwanted Malware being installed onto your computer.  I do not know anything more annoying than downloading a piece of software from what I thought was an ethical site ( ) run by CNET resulted in malware being installed in my MAC.  Searching for a new FTP program (MAC ) I opted for ...

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    How to share Kozzi files on Twitter

    How to share Kozzi files on Twitter In this lesson you will learn how to share files on   File provided to create this tutorial:…-pencils..html  Locate the Twitter Button Locate the Twitter button on the file page.  Click the Twitter button to open the Twitter Tweet window. Login to Twitter Login to your Twitter account in the Tweet window.  If ...

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    How to create and use a lightbox in your account

    How to create and use a lightbox in your account In this lesson you will learn how to Create and Organize your lightboxes Login and locate the Lightbox header link. Once you have logged into you can find the Lightbox tab on the right side of the navication bar.1. Click on the “My Lighbox” it will show in ( ) ...

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    How to add User Keywords

    How to add User Keywords User Keywords is a great way for you to help refine the Kozzi search engine. By adding keywords you think are relevant to the file your looking at you increase the possibility that another user will find the image. Video file used to create this tutorial:…in-alaska.html  Locate “Add Keywords” link Locate the “add keywords” link and click ...

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    Share files on Facebook

    Share files on Facebook Spread the Kozz on Facebook. The most popular social media site on the internet Facebook has Millions of users. You can help us spread the word about the great service provides to you by liking files and leaving Facebook comments.  We appreciate the efforts of our members spreading the Kozz and please Like our Faceboook Fan Page - Thank ...

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