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    Collection of Photoshop brush downloads

    As a Painter guy, I’m just learning about Photoshop’s brushes. So as I collect links to brush downloads and brush-related posts, I’ll put them here. If you’ve got some favorites you’d like to see included, by all means, add a comment, and I’ll add to the list.

    Photoshop brushes by David Nagel

    Trimoon’s brushes

    Trimoon (Stephen LeQuier) has generously listed a bunch of his brushes here, for free download. While you’re there, be sure to check out the tutorials and other useful resources, such as the free Impressionist plugin (Windows only).

    Other sites

    Tutorials on How to Build Your Own Brush

    This tutorial is by Paul Lasaine, who has worked for Dreamworks, Sony Pictures, Disney, and as an art director on The Lord of the Rings movies. See how he paints the feathers for a penguin character. In this tutorial, Lasaine explains how to create a decent pencil brush in Photoshop.

    A Good Tutorial about Creating a Watercolor

    This is a good tutorial that shows how to create the look and feel of real watercolor using Photoshop. Dani also has a tutorial about building your own brush here.

    Splatter and Watercolor Brushes from Smashing Magazine