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    Best Fine Art Photographers You Should Know

    Fine art photography, or art photography, is the term given to a photograph created by the artist’s vision. It is a genre that seeks to reflect the fine art photographs’ objective reality. It refers to high-quality archival photographic prints of pictures created to fulfill the creative vision of an individual artist.

    As a photographer, I continuously study and learn from view exceptional art from other artists. I have a collection of over 200 photo books from photographers spanning more than ten decades. I also like to follow great photographers on Instagram and their websites.

    Leah Frances

    As a Canadian-born art photographer raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Leah Frances is the eye behind American Squares. Her work focuses on identity and its cultural roots across time. Leah’s fine art photography focuses on small, striking moments and to create images that carry a persistent, quiet optimism.

    Frances’ work is published in The New York Times Magazine, Us of America Magazine, Frankie magazine, among others. She has also been exhibited nationally and internationally.