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    Inspiration: Dominic Davison

    Dominic Davison is one of the finest landscape artists working today, displaying a Dutch romantic aesthetic using twenty-first century methods and tools. Though he uses a mouse instead of a paintbrush to create his images, it is his observant eye, his composition, and his use of color and light, which makes his images stand head and shoulders above his peers working in the digital media. As anyone who has tried to create a picture using 3D software knows, the computer doesn’t create the image any more than a paintbrush creates a painting. As it has always been, it is the eye and hand of the artist wielding the tools that determines the results. Or, as we used to say back in my IT days: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    Davison cites 19th Century Dutch landscape master Barend Cornelis Koekkoek (1803-1862) as a major influence, and it shows. Compare the following painting by Koekkoek to some of the pieces by Davison in the gallery at the bottom. 

    The work of Dominic Davison shows that the Vue toolset, combined with some postwork in Photoshop, is capable of creating fine art on a par with the masters of past centuries.