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    Inspiration: Some Favorite Digital Artists

    I’ve decided that this week’s article is going to be sheer eye candy. For one thing, I notice there hasn’t been an Inspiration article since July, and for another, I’ve got a bad cold. And for yet another thing, this is the 100th post to the Digital Image Magazine! So I’m just taking it easy today, posting some of my favorite work by some digital artists. It’s my pleasure to draw attention to these amazing up-and-coming artists. Enjoy!

    Phil McDarby

    This artist, from Dublin, Ireland, brings a whole new meaning to the term “photo manipulation”. McDarby does amazing things with crazy numbers of layers, creating some truly magical work. He also uses 3D software, such as Maya, his own photography, and a Wacom tablet for painting. From his website: “At the heart of his work is a desire to capture a sense of magic and wonder – that feeling of child-like excitement and discovery that we can lose touch with as adults.” 

    Magic by Phil McDarby
    Imagine by Phil McDarby
    Imagine by Phil McDarby
    Wonder by Phil McDarby.

    Jeff Johnson

    This painting came out of a tutorial in Corel Painter Magazine, issue no. 2. He’s really nailed that old Flemish style. 

    Flemish style portrait by Jeff Johnson.

    Randis Albion

    Albion’s work brings fantasy into the modern-day world. Click on the image to see a larger version.

    Deep Diver by Randis Albion

    Kobi McKenzie

    Kobi is one of my favorite artists on the Corel Painter Magazine member’s gallery. She does wonderful portraits of children, especially playing team sports. Check out the marvelous background in the portrait of the football player. Click on her name to visit Kobi. 

    Somana by Kobi McKenzie.

    Cetin Tuker

    Turkish artist Cetin Tuker created the following image using 3D Max 7. It took over 130 hours! I love this image. It has a very painterly, old-world feel. 

    Sad Street by Cetin Tuker

    Gilles Tran

    Last but not least is Gilles Tran, from Paris, who is an agronomist by day and an artist by night. He seems to be less active in recent years, but in the early 00’s he was producing some of the most original–and sometimes hysterically funny–3D images to be found anywhere. I’ve got one of his posters on my wall. Couldn’t leave without mentioning the amazing Mssr. Tran. His site is a work of art in itself. Enjoy!

    Elephants Standing on Mini Coopers by Gilles Tran