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    Toronto 22nd edition of the Contact Photography Festival

    The Contact Photography Festival  comes to Toronto each spring and is well worth a few trips.  I say a few trips as there is over 100 separate exhibitions in galleries, museums, restaurants, and even outdoors.

    Toronto 22nd edition of the CONTACT Photography Festival expands its scope across and presents a broad spectrum of physically and conceptually engaging forms of photography.  This year’s Primary Exhibitions and Public Installations present outstanding, timely works by Canadian and international photographers. Today’s critical global issues are examined by numerous artists throughout the Festival.

    Image of people in cafe at Contact Photography Festival
    The festival is held in all type of venues, from galleries and museums to city cafe’s like this on Dundas Street East

    Contact Photography Festival image of exhibit hoods
    22nd annual CONTACT Photography Festival outdoor exhibit called Hoods

    For more information and detailed maps and exhibit, details are available on the festival website.  The website is very well laid out with tons of helpful information and maps and directions.  The festival is huge and it will take many trips.

    Toronto CONTACT Photography Festival